An excellent way in which to further practice and perfect your spoken English, discuss hot and current topics with your teacher utilizing vocabulary, grammar tenses, expressions, idiomatic expressions in order to express your opinion or counter the teachers argument.

Debates, discussions and expressing your opinion in class will help English learners practice a wide range of functions including agreeing and disagreeing, negotiating, collaboration with other students, and so on.

Often students need help with pronunciation, correctly using appropriate expressions, recognising where to use formal language for work and informal amongst friends or close colleagues. Easydirectenglish conversation classes provide a ‘safe’ environment where students will be encouraged to use a full range of vocabulary and expressions to accurately express their opinions and ideas.

Students will be provided with a topics, subjects, news items, controversial stories or suggestions and with the full support of the teacher guided and taught vocabulary specific to each topic, expressions, idiomatic expressions and how to put all these together to fully express the views of the student.