Prefer to study with others or friends? No problem, with easydirectenglish video calling you have the opportunity to practice with another student guided by the presence of a native teacher. Share the cost of the classes while learning in the comfort of your own home.

Group classes offer students the opportunity to study with friends, family or colleagues with the guidance of the teacher at all times. Group classes allow students to practice a range of speaking activities with people the student is comfortable and is studying with.

After the class the group can exploit the opportunity to further practice what has been taught in the lesson as all students will be aware of the content of the lesson taught, each student will have the lesson material and where appropriate homework activities can be worked on together.

Furthermore the group share the cost of the class, making lessons convenient and more cost effective. Group classes will be no more than 4 students, all must have access to Skype, an email account in order to receive the relevant teaching material.